About Us


APACC’s mission is to help strengthen Asian Pacific American families living in Visitation Valley by providing linguistically and culturally appropriate programs and services. Our clients are mostly low and moderate income immigrant families with limited or no English proficiency. The goal of our programs are to ensure that our clients receive support in the form of education, resources and referrals needed to adapt and become self sufficient. Our ultimate goal is for families to thrive and our community to be confident, healthy, strong and safe.

About Us

APACC is a 501c (3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving the underprivileged Asian communities. APACC’s mission is to strengthen the development of Asian Pacific American families by providing linguistically and culturally appropriate programs and services to mostly low and moderate income families and immigrants with limited English proficiency. These impactful and professionally supported programs are the critical foundation to ensure that the Asian communities receive support in education, resources, and referrals needed to adapt and become self-sufficient with equal empowerment opportunities for families to thrive, and for communities to become confident, healthy and strong.

APACC’s most successful program was the Crime Prevention and Victim Support program. In response to escalating crime rates, APACC works closely with the Ingleside and Bayview police departments, and CBOs such as SF SAFE Inc. to promote public safety and crime prevention education through quarterly workshops and public safety forums for residents living in the Visitacion Valley and Bayview-Hunters Point districts. In the April 2010 public safety workshop, there were over 300 participants who came out to express their concerns and fears about increasing crimes in the neighborhoods and lack of community resources. In response to the residents’ public safety concerns, APACC championed the Chinese Community Anti-Violence Rally which led to the establishment of the Community Ambassadors program.

APACC, working with police departments, was able to eliminate the homeless encampments along the Bayshore/Leland Avenue corridor. Monolingual crime reporting has increase 100% because of APACC involvement leading to more effective police response in the neighborhood.

APACC also partnered with other agencies to provide free services and benefit screening for low income eligible families. Since 2009, APACC has helped over hundreds of low-income families apply for food stamps. The APACC also partnered with the United Way of the Bay Area in the past couple of years to provide free tax filing for low-moderate income families and seniors while educating them about earn income credits and rental credits.

APACC has developed a strong partnership with Walgreens and UCSF in bringing health education and free services such as flu shots, Hepatitis B screening, and Osteoporosis tests to LMI families and elderlies.

APACC has also partnered with the San Francisco Branch of Cathay Bank to provide financial education and consultation to enhance financial stability and capability for LMI families with children.

APACC initiated the process to become a Family Economic Success Site through the San Francisco Family Support Network. APACC worked with food donors to implement periodic food distribution to thousands of low-income families.